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About the Clinical Trial Guide

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Clinical trials are research studies in which people volunteer to help find answers to specific health questions. See our story below!

Who we are

Clinical Trial Guide is intended to be a comprehensive clinical trial user guide for patients and their caregivers and a platform for sharing industry news and updates. Clinical Trial Guide was created by a team of passionate and driven trial enthusiasts who built a resource designed to make the process of learning about and deciding whether to participate in clinical trials less stressful and more accessible to patients and their loved ones.

After spending 20 years in the pharmaceutical space and seeing firsthand the challenges patients and their loved ones endure through a clinical trial process, chairman & founder David Polinsky created the Clinical Trial Guide to help those going through their most challenging times.

The free Clinical Trial Guide site explains how clinical trials work from start to finish, presents risks and benefits, offers resources for users to find current clinical trials relevant to their disease or condition, and provides regular, timely updates.


Our Mission

Clinical trial options continue to increase rapidly, and many patients and their loved ones are left in the dark in terms of their education and understanding for their impending journey. Clinical Trial Guide seeks to remedy this situation by guiding them through this complex process, offering users an innovative, start-to-finish approach as they consider enrolling in a clinical trial and ultimately participate.

CTG was created to do something to change the patient experience in order to be able to encourage patients to give clinical trials a chance, for the purpose of their own medical treatment and to bring more vital and innovative drugs and devices to market. Clinical Trial Guide is the solution.

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The Clinical Trial Guide Team

Clinical Trial Guide is intended to be a comprehensive clinical trial user guide that provides information on clinical trials and other research opportunities worldwide.


David Polinsky


David is the Founder of Clinical Trial Guide and is committed to helping those suffering with major unmet clinical needs. Having spent over twenty years in the pharmaceutical industry David founded CTG to help those seeking information not otherwise readily available.


Rivka Szafranski

Co-founder & CEO

Rivka is the CEO and Lead Patient Advocate of Clinical Trial Guide. She is a lifelong project manager, a biotech enthusiast, and strives to create a better world by building resources for patients and their families.


Rebecca Schlossberg

Marketing and Research

Rebecca conducts marketing and research activities for Clinical Trial Guide. She is passionate about scientific education and ensuring that patients, their families, and all those interested can access the latest (and clearest) information when it matters most.


Stefanie Matteson

Media Writer

Stefanie is a lifelong science and medicine writer. She has worked as a journalist, VP of a public relations firm and communications director for a biological research laboratory. She is also the author of eight novels in a best-selling mystery series.

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