What are the most important questions I should ask before entering a clinical trial?

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The most important questions you should ask and consider include:

  1. What is the goal or purpose of the study? Do researchers believe the approach will be effective?
  2. What are any short-term/long-term benefits or possible benefits?
  3. What are any short-term/long-term risks or possible risks?
  4. What kinds of therapies, drugs, or tests will I have during the trial, or will I receive a placebo?
  5. Is there any cost to me?
  6. Will I encounter any pain or discomfort from the trial?
  7. What are the safety protocols and procedures taking place?
  8. How are participants being monitored?
  9. Will I be able to continue taking my medications/treatments that are prescribed to me for my current condition?
  10. Will I have medical care? Who will oversee my care?

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